Spotted in Germany: Pharma MES Berlin

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    Oct 5, 2022
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    Company News

At this year’s Pharma MES event in Berlin, we attended expert-led sessions about MES trends, connected with industry leaders, made a ton of new friends, and presented on how to adopt manufacturing to new modalities and methods.

Read on to learn about our biggest takeaways from this year’s event.

What Is Pharma MES?

Pharma MES is a global series that connects industry leaders to each other, and the insights that inform innovation. From IT to operations, process and automation, and validation and quality control — these events address the entire MES manufacturing supply chain. 

The presentations cover a wide range of topics related to the importance of MES solutions, how to successfully implement them, and the role cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence play.

Angelo’s Solution Study

Adapting Manufacturing to New Modalities & Methods 

Despite incredible therapeutic innovations, drug manufacturing is stuck in the past. The harsh reality is legacy processes can’t support new production methods in a timely, cost-effective manner. 

Fortunately, pharma companies don’t have to rely on outdated methods any longer. In this presentation, Apprentice CEO and founder Angelo Stracquatanio discussed actionable recommendations on how to modernize operation and successfully transition to the modalities, methods, and technology of the future.

From scaling up and down to suit different batch complexities and sizes to handling frequent introductions of new products, Angelo’s presentation focused on how organizations can remain competitive by adapting to cutting-edge technologies. 

Want to watch Angelo's speech? You can view a recording of his lecture online.


Keith’s Peer Challenge Session

Successful Data Flow for Hybrid Internal & External Manufacturing 

In this peer challenge session, Apprentice MES Advocate Keith Bowen dropped some serious knowledge about the importance of sound data flow for successful manufacturing.

In particular, Keith discussed how data should be moved back and forth during manufacturing and outlined the special requirements for biotechs and their CDMOs.

Want to hear more from Keith? Check out this thought leadership piece to learn his 10 tips for passing your next FDA audit.

Behind the Scenes at the Apprentice Booth

While Angelo and Keith were lighting up the stages and discussing the importance of remaining adaptable to cutting-edge technology, our product experts were holding it down at the booth with live demonstrations. And they didn’t disappoint!

Our team had a blast meeting and greeting new and old friends alike — and of course showcasing our product offerings.

Demo spoiler alert: Apprentice is designed to help your team scale faster, work smarter, and bring therapeutics to the patients who need them the most in a fraction of the time.

After Hours: Exploring Berlin

Outside of the conference, our team enjoyed taking in the exceptional landmarks that make this city so ah-mazing — like the 18th-century Brandenburg Gate and the family hugging at the Berlin wall. We also enjoyed breaking bread in real life and spending quality time as a team.

Closing Thoughts: We Love Beerlin — Er, Berlin

Our take on Pharma MES? 100% worth it. 

One point that was continually drilled home throughout the conference is the importance of adapting to modern technologies — or risking being left behind.

Powered by AI-backed MES solutions, pharma companies can position themselves as leaders, reduce costs, and speed up time to market without sacrificing quality or efficiency along the way. 

The bottom line? The beer was good, the networking was great, and the digital revolution is here to stay.

Our Upcoming Events

We had a blast in Berlin, but we’re already looking forward to our next events. Stay tuned for more of our upcoming conferences and events including:

To learn more about where we’re heading next, check out our events page for Apprentice happenings  and updates.