Tandem 5.0

  • Published:
    Mar 31, 2020
  • Category:
    Company News

Tandem 5.0: Intelligently Collaborate Across Any Device

Apprentice has recently released new updates and features to its language-independent collaboration platform, Tandem. Tandem connects teams within the same facility or across multiple global site locations so that individuals can work together to troubleshoot, guide, support and monitor operations, whether you’re on-site or off-site.

Tandem is much more than just telepresence for smart glasses. This 5.0 version enhances daily collaboration and remote interactions in or out of suite, with colleagues, CMOs/CROs and vendors.

Easily Collaborate with Colleagues Around the World

Users can easily collaborate with colleagues around the world every day. Starting a Tandem session is simple and familiar. Your entire team can connect instantly and share critical information quickly, securely and clearly. Join video conferences from the web, your phone or hands-free smart glasses and collaborate effectively without delay. Tandem 5.0 also features intelligent collaboration tools that further bolster project resolution speed.

Tandem takes a universal, “language-independent” approach to collaboration, using augmented reality tools and multi-language translation so that teams can manufacture products faster, with greater reliability.

The Advantage of Augmented Reality

Built-in augmented reality (AR) tools elevate collaboration and introduce easy to recognize visual tools that call specific attention to something within your physical environment. Drop an AR arrow on a bioreactor or use an AR indicator to point out an object or area during troubleshooting.

Through Tandem, live facility tours are easily conducted, no matter where participants are in the world. Tandem’s “see-what-I-see” technology allows operators to share live footage of a facility and environment with any number of viewers. Organizations reduce time-consuming lab/suite safety training and saving valuable time, supplies and personnel.

To go one step higher, Tandem’s enterprise level management tools allow organization leaders to set controls and permissions for individual users and teams, gaining a better understanding of how teams can work together with greater reliability. Permissions can be set globally, and high-level enterprise data is kept accurate and organized, with Tandem’s robust user and device logs.

Tandem’s ability to connect individuals and teams remotely has been especially valued by our pharma manufacturing/CMO, and FAT customers during the COVID pandemic. The unexpected disruption in global operations impacted supply chains, facility access, drug production and more. Tandem’s unique ability to provide remote collaboration, and “eyes on site” during travel bans, facility site restrictions and personnel limitations had proven immensely impactful for customers and patients who can’t afford to wait.